Employment of employable Sp Abled people!

Employment of Sp-abled people is a matter of national interest for any country. It is known that educated, competent and otherwise capable Sp-Abled people are also not hired or given an opportunity. As a nation our approach should be that all capable citizens should be productively employed, preferably locally and businesses and local government can take it as a target to achieve.

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  1. The laws related to reservation of jobs for Sp-Abled people are very clear and require the government to give 3% jobs. This has been upheld in the court of law and our Supreme Court has also recommended enforcement of the law but there is no visibility on the available and vacant jobs. Government and the Department of Social Justice that has jurisdiction over this should compile and put it on an accessible website so the data can be seen by the public in general and all the vacancies can be filled. If the Government does this then we can expect the private sector to follow suit.

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