Financial Empowerment Of SAP – Part – 1

Having a disability, having a family to look after, and top of that if there isn’t a regular income! How often a person with disability can get financial assistance? How often is our government helping disabled? May be once in a while they arrange “a charity show off” and distribute some wheel chairs! But, is a wheel chair enough for leading a life, running a family? Wheel-chair gives solution for mobility, and even that isn’t a 100% sure mobility in India!!

We have to make SAPs self-reliant, self-employed or at least employed. Most of the governments have provided insufficient funds for SAPs. There is no hope improving budgetary allocation for SAPs in near future and we have to think out of the box solutions, workable solutions! At one side we have millions of employable but unemployed SAPs and at the other side, we have much more unemployable SAPs, who purely depend on financial assistance(s). So Financial empowerment of SAP is one of the most important things for the nation.

There are persons who have mobility but they are not able to get sustainable employment! Employable SAP also finds it very difficult to get a job, and if by chance they get it, its difficult to maintain family with merge income they get. What is the solution?

I have some ideas to make the SAP, financially independent SAP. For that we need following 10 steps to be taken:

1. Make SAP employable. (Educate them, provide skills and have exclusive trainings for them).

2. Special loans for establishing own business(es)/manufacturing unit(s) by SAP, with highly relaxed terms like, no interest, 15 years repaying term, 3 years moratorium.

3. Government Procurement of the product(s) developed, manufactured by SAP.

4. Monthly Bazaar(s) in metros for the general public at strategic locations, selling products manufactured and/or marketed by SAP.

5. Exclusive SAP companies i.e. OF the SAP, For The SAP, By the SAP. Here is one example,

Vindhya e-Infomedia Private Limited, Bangalore.Vindhya

6. Manufacturing units run and maintained by SAP, for producing assistive device(s).

7. Marketing of assistive devices among SAP, by SAP.

8. BPOs run by SAPs only.

9. Music Training Centres run by Visually impaired, for visually impaired as well as other disabled people and for general public.

10. Special Economical zone(s) for SAP in major cities of India.

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