Bharatiben Mistry – The Divyang Covid Warrior

यदाहं जीवामि, अहमाशंसे

While I live, I hope

Bharatiben Mistri, 52 years old Divyangjan is really an inspiring Divyang Covid Warrior. Bharatiben met with an accident in the year 1993 and her left hand got completely disabled. A few years she had lost her parents. She is living all alone and still, her spirits and positivity are really inspiring!

A few months back, Bhartiben had received a sewing machine from Voice of SAP. She used to stitch clothes using this sewing machine and get some income for leading the life. She is also working as an Anganwadi Helper.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has changed everyone’s life. So it has also changed the life of Bharatiben, she is now not going for Anganwadi due to lockdown. To fight against Corona Virus, Mask is one of the most important weapons. Bharatiben decided to help in the fight against Covid-19 and she contacted the social workers in her area. She requested them to arrange for necessary clothes to make Masks and she would love to stitch Masks free of the cost for all the clothes provided.

Till today, she has stitched hundreds of Masks at free of cost! You might have seen many physically challenged people asking for help. This great Divyangjan is really out of the class, she is not rich in terms of money and income but she is one of the richest people in terms of willingness to help the fellow brothers and sisters. Voice of SAP is really proud of her, and our small help of giving a sewing machine has created a great COVID Warrior!

In times of crisis, instead of waiting for someone to come and help, let’s start helping each other. If there is a true willingness to help, your physical, economical, or any other status doesn’t stop you. What’s required is, the golden heart, high spirits, and willingness to help… Bhartiben possesses all of these and that’s why she is a highly inspiring, Divyang Covid Warrior!

यथा चतुर्भिः कनकं परीक्ष्यते निकर्षणछेदनतापताडनैः ।
तथा चतुर्भिः पुरुषः परीक्ष्यते श्रुतेन शीलेन कुलेन कर्मणा॥

Just as the purity of gold is tested by four means, namely,  rubbing, cutting, burning, and beating so also man is tested by four means, namely, learning, conduct, pedigree, and action!