A Struggling Man to get his milestone with spirituality

When I was young, An accident occurred due to falling from the wall.  in the said incident,  I lost natural strength, due to my spinal cord breakdown.

I was unaware of the Internet world. It’s a matter of those days, when I was confused to see my daily life about technical science.

Then I was a student whose history was very dedicated to teaching.

I liked to do my work efficiently and carefully.

I was my hero, I had the dream of becoming something and there was something in my own eyes .

My spinal cord injection level is C 4. When a medical examination was conducted.

Operation was fixed in trial.
The ratio of life and death to was 10:90 .

In the 10% chance of survival, the operation lasted 12 hours.

Doctor told me that the operation has been successful.

I thought i would be fine Calendars change over time.

कैलेंडर समय के साथ बदलते हैं

after seeing the biggest event of my life, my view of the world changed.

I took the path of spirituality :

मैंने अध्यात्म का रास्ता अपना लिया !
मैंने अपने दिनचर्या में कुछ घण्टों का मौनव्रत ध्यान स्वाध्याय मंत्रलेखन मंत्रजाप करना शुरु कर दिया ! अधिकांश समय भागवत और स्वाध्याय करने में व्यतीत किया !

Spent most of the time doing Bhagwat and Swadhayaya!

Slowly 20 years have passed since.

9 years ago was a social site running experience .

It feels so good to see such people living their life so actively. They are truly an inspiration. And thanks to technology for making their life easier there are so many products available in market like power chairs, wheelchairs, pride scooters etc. to help them live actively. While exploring internet I found a few sites .

I have been in a chair for 27 years now and it’s nice to find someone with  Longevity in a chair .

Seeing all the Facebook friends, it seem to me you can do a lot  in helping with each other.


Shivendra singh