VOSAP Art from Heart Contest – Finalists Announced!

Wow! Finally, we have our 300 finalists out of thousands of artists who participated in VOSAP Art from Heart Contest 2020! Let us all congratulate these creative artists in all categories as they impressed our International Panel of 8 Judges!!! 

EVERYONE is a WINNER as DISABILITY theme as such is very difficult topic, first time that most of our artists thought about it and came up with beautiful, inspiring creative artwork so EACH AND EVERY participant is a “CHANGE-MAKER” and we salute their commitment, compassion for creating INCLUSIVE society for Specially Abled People.

EVERY PARTICIPANT will receive digital certificate in next couple of weeks with Thank you note from Voice of SAP for contributing to social transformation!!!!

You can all join us on Dec 5 – VOSAP annual gala, FB online event where we will declare 50 winners and recognize them!


Here is the link of all the finalists from 23 countries! 

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