Assistive Devices

VOSAP understands the vital role that Assistive Devices play in changing a life and with technology, innovation and global reach it is possible today to empower and enable Specially-Abled Person by providing them the appropriate devices.

From the discovery of eyeglasses in the 13th Century to the invention of first self-propelled wheelchair in 1655, it is these early achievements that have made the existence of thousands of devices enabling SAPs possible today. Hence, VOSAP’s vision is to achieve inclusion of SAPs by providing them with assistive devices. To achieve this vision, VOSAP is currently working with the Government, Policymakers, Startup Community, and Industry Leaders.

In the developing nation such as India, VOSAP has closely worked with the Government of India to bring about the Accessible India campaign where we worked toward creating awareness and demand for Assistive Devices. From Smart Wheel Chair to 3D Prosthetics, several startup innovations are supported by the Atal Innovation Mission and Private Sector. VOSAP has also partnered with educational institutions to encourage innovation in this space, such as the launch of Innovation Challenge in Assistive Technology with LD Engineering College, Gujarat.

A fast paced developing nation like India can be a global market leader of “Affordable Assistive Devices”. Since only 1 out of 10 SAP has assistive devices, it is a hugely untapped market. In fact, the projected global market size in 2020 is $31 Billion.

Moreover, even US can leverage this untapped potential by creating a 360 degree approach to promote trade and opportunities for companies in the US with the Indian organisations. Such a collaboration will not only result in massive Social Transformation, but will also create immense space for Economic Expansion!

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How can you help?

1. If you have any insights, skills, ideas, expertise or connections that can be useful in furthering the cost reduction goal of assistive devices for Indian beneficiaries with large untapped export potential, please get in touch with us.

2. You can donate or inspire and aggregate donations to enable Specially Abled People with VOSAP. We can direct the donations as per your reasonable preferences.

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