The 8,600+ volunteers and 100+ leaders that have joined VOSAP’s mission in the last few years have been integral to the success and strength of this organization. VOSAP provides unique opportunities to volunteers to serve locally, nationally and globally with UN.

With the goal of creating a global mass-movement, Voice of Specially Abled People, strongly believes that “we”, all individuals have a responsibility to advocate and help empower persons with disabilities. Hence, the support we receive from across the globe, be it the US, UK, Japan, or India, is crucial for the success of our cause.

The recent success of the initiative VOSAP Art from Heart would not have been possible without our volunteers- from reaching out to people from different geographies to ensure participation from 45+ countries possible, including 40+ entries from the UK or a few entries even from a tech hub such as San Jose in the US.

Despite the global crisis in the form of the pandemic, the VOSAP Volunteers were quick to step up and work towards our vision and mission with even more resolve and commitment. The VOSAP Volunteers even helped in Relief Efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, with them reaching out to others for donation as well as donating themselves to raise money and provide Grocery as well as PPE Kits to nearly 3500+ SAPs in India.

The Research Internship Program to uncover findings and take appropriate action- be it Accessibility, Prevention of Disabilities, DII (Disability Inclusion Index) score of Corporations and Educational Institutions, or Socio-economic Impact of COVID19 – is also volunteer-driven. With the volunteers’ help, we have been able to list over 16,000 buildings for accessibility.

Anyone and everyone can download the VOSAP Mobile App and take the “Pledge of Action” today!

With this Volunteer driven and fueled mission , VOSAP aims to create change that is “visible” and “experienced” because “ actions speak louder than words,” Pranav Desai Founder, Voice of SAP.

Join US and network with like-minded “Change-Makers”, globally!!!

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