To become the “Transformation Catalyst” for the world to become an “INCLUSIVE” place where Specially Abled People enjoy equality as human beings, opportunity to excel and contribute based on their abilities and lives with dignity and independence.


To create a mass movement and be the “CHANGE MAKERS” with comprehensive, collective THOUGHT LEADERSHIP, ACTIONS and ADVOCACY for the Empowerment of 7 crore plus Specially Abled People (SAP) in India with Accessibility, Education and Employment that helps build the INCLUSIVE 21st century Indian society.

To take the successful “Template of Empowerment” from India to other countries with VoSAP’s Global Technology Platform by working with UN system to accelerate inclusion of 1 BN+ SAP hence SDGs by 2030.

Here is Nimitt_VOSAP ANNUAL REPORT 2019_Online version with details as how we are executing our vision and mission.



Goal 1: Volunteers led Mass Movement

      • With VOSAP technology platform – mobile app and web portal, Create Building Accessibility Database to provide information on accessibility of public buildings, create crowdsourced demand for places which are not accessible by enabling masses who have taken volunteering pledge to do needful in disability sector.
      • To create mass movement with strategic initiatives, data driven advocacy with policy makers, events and seminars, media presence for the rights of Specially Abled People

Goal 2: Enablement of Strategic Initiatives – Executed in partnership with partner organizations, Enabled by VOSAP with

      • Government organizations
      • University and academic institutions
      • Corporations
      • Community organizations
      • NGOs

Goal 3: Global Roll out of India Model to accelerate achieving goals of UNCRPD and UN SDGs 

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Founder: Shri Pranav Desai


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