We believe NGOs are the key player for the service delivery. Our attempt is to promote efficiency through collaboration among the NGOs by way of collaboration and learning from each other. We connect NGOs with companies for CSR funding for their projects. Voice your solutions, projects, initiatives and Empower the community more efficiently and effectively.

In the Disability ecosystem, the NGOs or the Non-Governmental Organizations act as the backbone for service delivery, grass root engagement, project implementation and experimentation that result in development of global practices. The sterling Healthcare initiatives of the NGOs with the Government of India and Bill and Melinda Gates’ foundation have succeeded in eradicating Polio from India and it is a great example of how a collaborative approach leads to successful goal achievement.

It is very important to recognize and harness the strength of NGOs to reach the farthest corners of the society with their missionary like dedication and exceptional access to interface between the providers and the recipients, with the modern means of communication, cataloging and documenting that helps policy making more sensible in the long run at the national and international levels.

We use the term NGO as a representative term for all organizations who are working in the field of Disability and with the disabled population and invite them all to come and join us as members of this platform. You could be a Charitable Organization, Private Trust, Community Health Service provider, Advocacy group or a volunteer organization and we want to hear from you. Your joining hands with us and sharing your work, experience and expertise will help us make our community stronger and happier.

In this space we urge our member NGOs to publish their Initiatives, market their skills and their expertise in the form of video clips, white papers, reports and studies that can be useful to this ecosystem. This will help create awareness and lead to collaboration and open up new avenues for funding of programs.

We encourage you to use this platform to socialize your projects and initiatives and also solicit financial, advocacy, volunteer support from the fraternity on this platform. Example: If you work in a community where there is an Identified need for access to transportation for some disabled children and young adults to go to school/library or park and you have come up with a solution and need guidance to implement it please share the details in your post in “Voice of NGO” and you will be approached by individuals or organizations interested and capable of helping you or guiding you through the process.

You have to be a Registered member on the website to post your Initiatives and you can also search other initiatives, issues of Individuals and solutions related to disability to empower yourself and the people you serve for a better quality of life.