Experience Happiness with Volunteering. VOSAP has over 20 volunteering tasks for you to enjoy, learn, network and at times find purpose in life by serving the sect of society who are ignored and excluded for centuries. YOU can learn more on this by clicking this link.


Currently world is facing huge humanity challenge due to COVID-19 pandemic. VOSAP volunteers have stepped up their role and are extending their “Helping Hand” to ensure Person with Disabilities receives grocery and personal protection items as they are hit hard economically due to extended lock down and expected economic impact.


VOSAP volunteers are donating themselves as well reaching out to others for their donation for donating 1 kit of Rs 500 which includes 9 items. In this trying times of humanity, Specially Abled People are most vulnerable. As such they are ignored, face poverty etc. and those who are daily earners, their earnings have impacted as well so we encourage everyone to join our efforts to feed, provide safety to these people by providing these kits. Our partners BPA (Gujarat), SNEH (Madhya Pradesh) and APH (Karnataka) have excellent facilities, team and database to reach out to SAP (Divyangjan) in need.


Please find more details here in flyer. Do online donation NOW. 



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