VOSAP Art Gallery For employees of VOSAP partners 

To see selected 250 artwork of VAFH2020


Please Note: All 4 art galleries (Child Artist, Adult Artist, Professional Artist and Specially Abled Artist) you can view by scrolling down to see 3 other galleries when you select “Current Exhibitions“, navigating in menu on top left corner! Enjoy beautiful artwork!!!!


VOSAP’s Ingenious and Validated Globally Inclusive Societal Propeller (in Covid times):

Creatively Engaged artists via a Pioneering First-in-Class Digital (Virtual) ART Format – VOSAP Art Gallery


Art, with the first-ever theme of disability displayed innovatively in a virtual “state-of-the-art” gallery has an overwhelming response and endeared participants and judges alike from all walks of life, not just the Specially Abled People! This endeavor of VOSAP in the Covid environment has thus opened up a unique dual-pronged avenue: ingenious subject matter of disability-art exhibited in an artistically beautiful custom gallery of VOSAP!

The “VOSAP Art from Heart” initiative welcomed an astonishingly vibrant and surmounting talent of artists from 53 countries with insightful creativity, so much so that if the paintings were randomly selected from the participants pool, then there is no way of discerning the “abled” art from the “specially-abled” art! Though this facet of oneness-in-art had been acknowledged for eons on some level, for example music, however, now with AfH, this aspect has been thrust to the forefront of society. This could motivate, lend courage ane empower hundreds of other “hidden-gem” artists of our specially-abled brethren!

Given VOSAP’s ongoing role in increasing awareness on talent in disability sector, in economically empowering SAP, the chrysalis  impact of this creative engagement in art with its display for the world to view, could be varied and immense: an interest and passion in art virally causing a domino-effect triggering a rainbow of outcomes, all ultimately enhancing confident-independent living by SAP. For example, further resilience in facing daily challenges, admiration by family and peers leading to better self-image, fostering socio-economic interactions amongst participant artists, opening up of new avenues of livelihood and thoughts, etc.

A quantitative outcome-effects collected / analyzed in about 2 to 3 years in a random sampling of these AfH participants would be tantalizing and serve as an adjunct in implementing policy-making decisions for the Specially-Abled People.

Thus, this initiative and VOSAP Art Gallery holistically drives home the oft needed mind-switch realty by society: Disability is Not Inability.