Voice of SAP is a Global Advocacy Organization with a mission to redefine the idea of a disabled person. They’re not disabled, but rather Specially Abled People, capable of leading an empowered and independent lifestyle.

In a “Special Consultative Status” with UN ECOSOC and accreditation with UN COSP, Voice of SAP is working to create an Inclusive and Accessible world by accelerating implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN and goals of UN CRPD (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) treaty.

We have created a global mass movement of like minded people, who have taken publicly visible pledge to Empower Specially Abled People. in last 3 years, over 8,000 volunteers and 100+ leaders have been inspired and joined our mission. We are enabling hundreds of individuals with assitive devices, kits for self employment to promote UN SDGs, reduce inequalities, poverty and illiteracy.

Our flagship innovative approach with VOSAP mobile app is now becoming “Public Utility App” for finding accessible places as well empowering activism to create demand for accessibility.

We inspired Government of India to accept our initiative of Accessible India Campaign, which was then launched – nationwide by H’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

In Phase I, focus is India and then rolling out a “Developing Country” model to other countries with role and responsibilities that VOSAP has with its Special Consultative Status to UN ECOSOC.

We do this via a multi-faceted approach to Advocacy and Enablement that includes:

  1. Creation of a Technology Platform that connects everyone by taking volunteering pledge in VOSAP app, with a growing dataset of accessible friendly buildings all over India. This will be instrumental to further the cause of Specially Abled People. Our Mobile App “VOSAP” (App Store | Play Store) is the first step towards “Actionable Advocacy through Technology”.
  2. Inspiring the Leadership of Government, Corporate and Social Organizations. We promote idea of think differently and think inclusively, as leaders have the responsibility to properly allocate resources and attention to all types of constituents.
  3. Mass Awareness campaigns to socialize the concepts like “All of us are Temporarily Abled”, “Disability can happen to anyone, anytime!” so that we can reinforce the reality that disability is everybody’s concern and everyone can help make the world an inclusive and disabled friendly place.
  4. Creating a grass roots movement by volunteers to “Make my Community Accessible.” Involving volunteers as “Change Makers” for community level actions and providing them the tools such as VOSAP mobile app to create visible, measurable impact, creating a tide of change in their community.

In addition, our volunteers are working with Universities, Colleges, Corporations and communities to inspire everyone for ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) towards Specially Abled People.

Even so, we have a lot of work ahead of us. We’d love for you to join our team of compassionate volunteers to actively engage and provide VOICE to the needs and empowerment of 70 Million Specially Abled People of India and over 1 billion worldwide!

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