Vibrant Hearing and Speech Impaired Meet Solanki – Future Agriculturist?

ददाति प्रतिगृह्णाति गुह्यमाख्याति पृच्छति ।
भुङ्क्ते भोजयते चैव षड्विधं प्रीतिलक्षणम् ॥


Giving, taking, revealing secrets and hearing them,

eating and feeding – these six are the signs of love.​

Meet Solanki, a 14 yrs’ vibrant boy has all these six signs of love, and to express this love he uses the sign language! The speech and hearing impairment couldn’t stop Meet from expressing it.

Life was never easy for Meet in terms of his student life. Multiple schools had rejected him, or sent him back to home! When I talked with Meet’s father, he said, “Meet was always very good at home, with all of us. He has a lot of love for all of his family members, but I don’t know why all the schools where he was sent for education, they didn’t allow him. Perhaps, his vibrancy, his activeness wasn’t absorbed properly in that environment.”

Frequent rejections become unbearable for young minds! But, everything has an end. Meet received hearing aid from Voice of SAP and life took a great U-turn! Now, he got an extra power of hearing, hearing the outer world, hearing all the sounds and vibrancy of the universe! Meet’s father told me, “When Meet has put on his hearing Aid, thankfully received from VoSAP, and if we speak a little bit louder, he understands what was told. He is now enjoying watching TV and there are three favourite things for him to watch: 1. The speech of the Prime Minister of India, 2. The TV serials of Lord Krishna 3. TV serials of Mahadev”. Thus, Meet started getting what he loved!

During the course of the telephonic talk with Meet’s father, one very interesting thing surfaced and his father said, “I don’t know whether the schools couldn’t suit my child or Meet didn’t suit the schools, but at all the other places Meet is spreading and getting love. Especially Meet enjoys being with his maternal grandfather and he happily helps his grandfather in all the agricultural activities on his farm at the village. If we tell him before 20 days, that he is going to stay at the farm with his grandfather in the village, he becomes super happy and spreads more love among all of us.”

Meet does a very good workout daily, he is into bodybuilding. He wants to develop his biceps! He remains always happy and makes others happy. His father said, “When sometimes, municipal authorities come to pick up stray cows, he gets disappointed and becomes sad! Why are they taking away these beautiful cows? He always asks such questions. He can’t see even the animals in distress!”

I don’t know whether being an agriculturist is the mission of Meet’s life or not, I am not sure whether he would become the one, but from the talks with his father, I can surely say, Meet has all the six signs of love and now the entry of the hearing aid has made his life full of vibrant love. Can such child bereft of education? Why can’t these qualities work in school environments?

Meet has studied till 4th standard only and I strongly feel, he must get his further studies, if not at xyz or abc school then maybe at some other place, in some other forms… And as far as lessons of life are concerned meet is already mastering it and of course he is the master of love!

Gaurinandana Gajanana
Girijanandana Niranjana
Paarvati Nandana Shubhaanana
Paahiprabhomaam Pahi Prasanna

O Lord Ganesha, son of Mother Gauri (or Parvati), the one born of the Lord of the mountains, thou art pure, spotless and pleasing to look at. Kindly protect us, be pleased with our devotion and bestow us with good fortune.

May Lord Ganesha shower more of his blessings on Meet and may his life’s all the obstacles are removed!