March 2021 Newsletter



1.Launch of world’s 1st virtual Art Gallery on theme “DISABILITY” with artwork of 250 artists
2.Launch of VOSAP Research Internship 2021 program for research in disability sector
3.Launch of online system for applying for Assistive Device, Self Employment Kit
4.Govt of India launched “Sugamya Bharat” app to submit complaint for non accessible places 
5.Launch of VOSAP Artist Network, promoting talented Specially Abled Artists, globally
6.Launch of volunteering program with CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) @NVG
7.Launch of Spring 2021 research project with UC Berkeley, Data Sciences dept.



Dear friends,

Trust you are doing well, getting back to normalcy with vaccinations of millions of people, global pandemic fading away!!

With great support of donors, amazing efforts of volunteers and support of many leaders, VOSAP is poised to put a smile on many more faces, enable to learn and earn, expand the social impact far more in 2021 and beyond. With the launch of several initiatives, each one of you have many more opportunities to choose from, participate in ways you can in creating a better world for Specially Abled People.

This newsletter will provide you summary information and request you to find some time to check out or VOSAP mobile app or our handles at Facebook/Instagram/twitter/Linkedin to learn details of the VOSAP initiatives, activity mentioned here. Let us know your questions, suggestions. Together, we have tremendous opportunity. We are here to guide you, support your compassion!

  1. Launch of world’s 1st Art Gallery on theme ‘DISABILITY’

VOSAP Art Gallery is now live for viewing 250 selected artwork, all on the theme of DISABILITY from artists age 5 to 75. Viewing is FREE for all! Innovative ways to engage more people, help understand the disability sector with this arti gallery is our goal. It has made an amazing impact as witnessed in the few successes to mention here.

  1. Hon Prime Minister of India appreciated the use of art and technology for the disability sector, in a letter sent to VOSAP founder on occasion of the launch of this art gallery.
  2. Donors like Shri Manubhai, B U Patel and many others supported this initiative and matching fundraiser was a huge success
  3. VOSAP technology platform (SaaS) is now extended to other communities to promote compassion while raising donations for VOSAP for extending its technology platform
  4. Hon Health Minister of India Dr HarshVardhan ji, Hon Social Justice Minister of India Dr Gehlot ji appreciated the strategic importance of this initiative and graced the occasion with their virtual presence on Dec 5 – VOSAP annual event and launch of VOSAP Art Gallery
  5. Artists are getting amazing exposure, appreciation globally and we have started connecting them to art lovers in the US per specific inquiries that we have received. Active networking has started among these artists too. 


  1. Launch of VOSAP Research Internship 2021

Data driven advocacy is VOSAP’s goal. To unlock the potential of Specially Abled People, reducing the gap between perceptions and reality by conducting research in the disability sector is very strategic for VOSAP mission. VOSAP Collegiate, run by youth volunteers (Manushri, Anusha, Hiranya, Priscilla) has been a great success with 34 college students in the US, who carried out research in 2020. 

For summer 2021 internship, students can apply on VOSAP website and go through the process of selection. This year, we have more roles for internships so please read listed projects, roles, tasks etc. and share with talented young volunteers to make their careers in  corporate functions, business, public policy, technology, law with expanded knowledge in disability while network with other interns.


LAST DATE TO APPLY APRIL 15 2021 11:59 PM Pacific Time, US


For 2021, we have launched an online application UC Berkeley, Data Sciences department, spring semester batch started their 12 weeks project in mid of Feb.

  1. Launch of online system to Enable individuals with Assistive Device:

VOSAP has been enabling hundreds of people every year with Assistive devices and self employment kits. VOSAP partner BPA and their affiliates are doing amazing work by identifying the applicants, verifying their documents and ensuring required customization.

With the launch of an online system on VOSAP website, we want to reach out to more beneficiaries, track their progress in the system and volunteers can have the opportunity to engage with them directly right from the application stage. VOSAP will continue to work with partner NGO BPA, who will process the applications etc. as they are experts.

  1. Launch of “Sugamya Bharat App” by Govt of India to submit complaints for non accessible places, websites etc.

The Accessible India Campaign was conceived in 2014 by the VOSAP founder. It was launched nationwide in 2015 by Hon PM of India and now to engage citizens at large, mobile app is launched wherein everyone can submit the complaint for non accessibility and Govt of India’s PMU (Program Mgmt Unit) will route those complaints to local, state authorities, nodal officers to take action. This is a bold step by the Govt of India. Details of this launch available on VOSAP app and website.

VOSAP mobile app (Public Utility App) is for accessibility to find accessible places in the VOSAP app. VOSAP will collaborate with the Govt of India, AIC team for data exchange. Together, both these mobile apps will accelerate transforming India forever, making it accessible and compliant to RPWD act 2016.

It was a proud moment, honor for VOSAP founder, as “Champion of Accessibility” to speak during the nationwide launch of this app on Mar 2nd wherein he stressed that economic expansion is very much linked, dependent on accessible infrastructure by giving examples of accessible tourism. Collectors/DM, Disability commissioners, secretaries of other ministries and disability sector representatives were among invitees to this launch.

  1. Other key activities in last 3 months
  • VOSAP volunteering program with CII, India@75 platform of National Volunteering Grid (NVG)
  • 89 master degree students of Nirma University joined 2021 batch of VOSAP volunteering program
  • ISACA (worldwide 144,000 IT professionals are members), Washington DC chapter invited VOSAP founder to speak to IT professionals on Diversity and Inclusion of SAP – very important corporate topic these days
  • NAS (National Ability Summit) invited VOSAP founder to speak as panelist in a session on Assistive Technologies. Co-panelists for this session were experts such as Christopher Patnoe (Head of Accessibility at Google), Chapal Khasnabis (WHO, Head of GATE program) and others


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