Voice of Specially Abled People believes that Accessibility plays an integral role in the empowerment of the Specially Abled people. Hence, from its inception, VOSAP has been making continued efforts towards making ACCESSIBILITY a reality across the globe, in both the developed as well as developing nations.

VOSAP has a mobile app which brings information about accessibility and accessible places across the globe on fingertips. Dedicated efforts are being made along with the Central and State Government in the US, including LA County, to figure out the state of Accessibility and offer citizens an all-encompassing Public Utility App. VOSAP Youth Volunteers are mapping out university campuses across the US and their findings indicate only 30% Accessibility.

Additionally, VOSAP is compliant to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Section 508 which adopts the mission of ensuring Digital Accessibility across the US. VOSAP has also penetrated the message of Digital Accessibility among various corporations, promoting the usage of accessible website and mobile apps in companies.

VOSAP initiated and presented Vision 2020 for the Specially Abled People of India and conceptualized “Accessible India Campaign” that was launched on Dec 3, 2015, by Honorable PM Shri Modi Ji himself and the Govt. of India. This nationwide campaign has goals of increased accessibility to Transportation, building infrastructure and Digital infrastructure, etc. VOSAP has also entered in MoU with the district of Ahmedabad to improve the state of accessibility there.

How can you help?

  1. Our success in mapping out Accessibility is due to the citizens across the nation, and hence, we would urge you all reading to participate and help make our Public Utility Mobile App even more friendly.
  2. Take lead and help make your school/college accessible with the help of Alumni friends and community members.

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