Template approach for District Development for SAP – Dev Bhoomi Dwarka District “Sankalp Patra” with 36 points

When justice is denied, when poverty is enforced, when ignorance prevails, and when any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither the persons nor the property will be safe. All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded to the individuals of the society.

Our society must make it right and possible for SAP – Specially Abled People (Physically and/or Mentally challenged people) not to fear the normal people or be deserted by them, because the test of a civilization is in the way in which it cares for its SAP members. A truly inclusive society is the answer to many of our problems and it is the only way forward. We think the first duty of a society is to bring justice and provide equal opportunity to all of its members, irrespective of their physical or mental status.

Yes, we dream for a completely SAP friendly Bharat, where every SAP is educated, employed, living with dignity and is the equal or in some cases a better contributor to the development of our great nation. But, the dreams can become reality only when it is followed with the right strategy and actions. So we thought of creating a template, Model District for SAP, which can lead the socio-economical change for the SAPs all over the country.

Lord Krishna’s “Karma Bhoomi”, has all the necessary ingredients which can help it to become a leader of “Inclusive Bharat”, “Accessible Bharat”, “Educated Bharat”, “Employed Bharat”, “Empowered Bharat”!! We are talking about Dev Bhoomi Dwarka, the leader of the history of the Golden Bharat.  So, we decided to make a proper strategy in form of a “Sankalp Patra” to make Dev Bhoomi Dwarka District a Model District for SAP.


रत्नैर्महार्हैस्तुतुषुर्न देवाः न भेजिरे भीमविषेण भीतिम् ।
सुधां विना न प्रययुर्विरामम् न निश्चितार्थाद्विरमन्ति धीराः
The gods were not happy with the precious gems obtained from the milky ocean. They were not afraid of the deadly poison. They did not rest until they obtained the nectar of immortality. In fact, the steadfast do not relax without accomplishing the determined task.

Volunteers of Voice of SAP have started working on various initiatives at “Dev Bhoomi Dwarka” District. Voice of SAP’s local leader Shri Chandrashekhar Buddhbhatti, national leader Shri Lalithkumar Gujarati and the District Collector of Dev Bhoomi Dwarka, Shri R.J.Makadia have prepared a 36 point “Sankalp Patra” with guidance and endorsement of Shri Pranavbhai Desai. In next couple of months, it is expected to get wider acceptance and refinement  by elected leaders of the district such as H’ble MP Smt Poonamben Madam, local MLAs, Head of District, local industries (CSR funds) and other stakeholders to make Dev Bhoomi Dwarka, a model district for others to follow its template.

                                      “Sankalp Patra” to make Dev Bhoomi Dwarka as a Model District for SAP

A. Accessibility related
1. Dwarka temple can be made fully accessible in next 2 years
2. Make 4 private schools (One in each Taluk of the district) Accessible with the help of respective school managements
3. Make 20 Govt. Schools (5 in each Taluk) Accessible every year with the help of District Collector, Dev Bhoomi Dwarka and District Education Officer, Dev Bhoomi Dwarka. thus 60 Govt. Schools can be Accessible within next 3 years
4. Make all the Govt. Offices Accessible within next 2 year, starting within the next 6 months from DC’s office
5. Make all the Major Hospitals Accessible within next 1 year, starting within the next month from Govt. Hospital Khmbhaliya
6. Make all the colleges Accessible in next 5 years
7. Make all the Major Parks of the District Accessible, starting within the next 1 year from Khambhaliya
8. Make all the Courts Accessible in the districts in next 2 years
9. Make all ST Bus Stops and Railway stations Accessible in the district in next 3 years
10. Make all the Police Stations Accessible in the district in next 3 years
11. Collector website and other Govt websites to be made accessible – in next 6 months
12. Tourist places to be made accessible – next 3 years
13. Provide wheel chairs at Bus Stops, Tourist places, Hospitals, Railway stations, Govt. office etc. Public places – within 6 months
14. Accessible Toilet – minimum 1 per public place including Govt offices, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals etc. – within 1 year
15. Get Khambhaliya’s development plan (D.P.) passed. (It is pending with Hon.Shaheri Vikas Mantri). – 1 year
16. Make roads in Khambhaliya walkable, disabled friendly. They are patchy so it is difficult to walk even, forget about running tricycle by a disabled person. Make it Good. – within 2 years

B. Health related
17. Malnutrition led disability prevention program under health department
18. Vaccination programs like MMR etc. to prevent disabilities Page 1 of 3
19. Diagnosis of hearing impairment within first year of birth of a child
20. Track and Treat – every Specially Abled Child for the progress made for upto age of 18
21. Ensure issue of Disability certificate to each Specially Abled Person in 1 year
22. Provide aids and equipment, calipers, tricycles, power scooter, smart cane etc. for independent living of Specially Abled Persons

C. Awareness related
23. Awareness creation of several govt programs at village level – booklet with every Gram Panchayat – within 3 months
24. Conduct a survey in the district to find out exact number of disabled people and their type of disability (To be completed within 1 year)
25. Training of Govt. officers to respect and protect dignity of EVERY Specially Abled Person – within 3 months
26. Posters etc. on “Respect the Rights and Dignity of our Divine Brothers and Sisters”, “Help our Specially Abled friends” etc. – within 3 months

D. CSR projects (PPP model)
27. Create a world class rehabilitation centre/school for Mentally Retarded people at Khambhaliya (Within 1 year)
28. Create a world class rehabilitation centre/school for Visually Impaired people at Dwarka (Within 2 years)
29. Create a world class rehabilitation centre/school for Deaf and Dumb at Bhanvad (Within 3 years)
30. Establish Special, Mobile Library for all kinds of Specially Abled People: Braille Books, special audio books, special audio-visual materials, Sign language tools, software etc. (example products of www.attainmentcompany.com)
31.Start a BPO (Call Centre) run by Specially Abled people only – A state wide helpline for Disabled people, the call centre can coordinate with various government departments to report the problems received through the Help Line – “Vikalang Mitra” – Within 3 years
32. Start Accessible Transportation with modified vehicles based on traffic/point to point transportation needs within 3 years

E.Economical and General welfare:
33. Whatever subsidies arrive for disabled people, should directly go to the disabled person’s bank account through D.B.T. – within 1 year
34. Get placement reserved in all the companies in surrounding areas (within 50 Km.) of Khambhaliya.- within 6 months
35 Make issuance of disability certificate mandatory by Medical Authorities to the disabled people. – within 3 months

F. Execution and implementation:
36. Form a moderating committee comprising members from Voice of SAP, Local disabled people, and DC and/or any representations from government.

Signatories to Sankalp Patra


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